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Our approach with every HDTV Installation:

We set ourselves apart from the rest because we treat every Installation and every home we go into to preform work, as if it was our own. We are meticulous about hiding wires and giving you a flawless HDTV Installation.

Exclusive dealers for MantleMount pull down from fireplace Mounting Bracket

Easily pull your large flat screen TV down off the wall and suspend it at eye-level.

Why MantelMount?

You’ve never seen anything like it before! MantelMount not only offers tilt and swivel but also allows you to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of the fireplace at eye level. And you can just as easily push it right back up. Even better, MantelMount comes at a fraction of the cost. Other professional grade flat screen TV mounts that offer tilt, off-the-wall pull down and swivel can cost HUNDREDS MORE!


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Residential HDTV Mounting

We can help you get more for your money by mounting your TV on the wall or Fireplace to make your room look fabulous. Using powerful, state-of-the art development tools, our technicians will build your system from the ground upWe offer a full range of Flat Screen TV Installations, we are passionate and meticulous about hiding wires. We use highly customized wire concealment technology solutions for both residential & commercial locations. 

Commercial HDTV Mounting

We also offer commercial HDTV Installations services. We install HDTVs, distributed audio systems, Projectors and video matrix systems in Sports Bars, Hotels, Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, GYMs, Office conferences rooms, Office waiting rooms, Menu boards, we do them all.


Here you will find pictures of our previous HDTV Installations. You will find many examples of our exceptional TV Installations over Fireplaces or on regular walls in Homes, Condos, Apartments  & Commercial applications.

Residential HDTV Galleries

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Commercial HDTV Galleries

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Luxury Condos and Apartments

From Luxury Condos in Buckhead to High rise Apartments in Midtown, we do them all A lot of potential clients have become concerned with mounting Flat-screen TVs on the wall in rental properties, Condos, or Apartment complexes. Mounting HDTVs and Flatscreen TVs is the wave of the future and is now the new “NORM”. We install HDTVs with minimal Sheetrock intrusion and our installations require NO SHEETROCK patchwork, painting, or major damage to the wall. We install everything within Georgia rental code. All of our HDTV Installations meet or exceed Apartment complex standards. We are neat and meticulous with our installations and offer only the best.

HDTV mounted on the Wall or Fireplace

Mount your HDTV on the WALL or over a FIREPLACE we are the ones to call. “We Hide Wires” !! We have been mounting Flat-screen TVs since 1997. We never cut corners or take shortcuts. Beware, there are a lot of “Fly-by-night”  installers out there who proclaim to be HDTV Installers but a lot of them are handymen, or just guys looking for a quick buck. They probably put up a TV for one of their friends and now they think they are ready to tackle the HDTV installation market. They cut corners by NOT being certified or licensed. They cut corners by using cheap inferior materials in order to offer cheap prices. Well, here at CITYHomeTheater, we do things the right way, the first time.

Stack-Stone Fireplace HDTV mounting

We specialize in mounting HDTVs on a Stack-Stone Fireplace Mounting an HDTV on a Brick or Stack-Stone Fireplace is one of the most challenging TV Installations there is. This is most definitely NOT a DIY project. Some clients have been concerned with mounting an HDTV over a Fireplace and have received a lot of MIS-INFORMATION about this. Rest assured that when you have your HDTV mounted by a certified CITY HOME THEATER technician on your Stack Stone Fireplace it is done the first time. We have installed and mounted hundreds of HDTVs over Fireplaces and we specialize in Stack stone Fireplace installations. No one else does it better.



If you would like to move forward with a consultation, arrange for one of our custom Home Theater Installations or just need more information, click over to our service page and fill out a contact from. You can even call us anytime and one of our experienced, certified techs will help you with you project.

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